Monday, October 27, 2014

It Works for Me - Michele's Table

The Black Table was full of great ideas on Tuesday! Thank you, ladies, for all of your fun tips and mommy tricks! It was so enjoyable to listen to each of you speak! What a fun group you are!

Michele F. - She saves the kiddie Jamba Juice cups, and is on the look-out for coupons and deals! Jamba Juice has a "Buy 1, Get 1 FREE" deal sometimes. She'll get 2 larges, and divide them between the Jamba Juice cups! She's spent as little as $8 for her family of 6! That's a fun treat at a reasonable price!

Karen P. - "Ding Dong Doughnuts" - When her kids are in a cranky mood, she takes the opportunity to get them thinking about others. She has the kids think of someone they'd like to bless with doughnuts, or a gift basket full of goodies. They take it to their house, ring the doorbell, and watch the fun reaction! It always puts the kids in a great mood!

Loni D. - She prepares a 2 week meal plan! She gathers recipes, and gets 2 weeks worth of groceries at a time. It makes dinner time much easier!

Linnea T. - Her kids like movies, and she found a great way to organize DVD and save space with Discsox. You can find them on or the Container Store.

Sophia S. - Poo-pouri...Kinda self-explanatory! :-)

Lili L. - (1) Easy hair-do that saves time: Part your hair into 2 sections, twist them, and use a banana clip to secure it into place. Go about your day, and when it dries, you get beautiful curly waves. (2) Long trip = Pull-Ups for all the kiddos!

Regina B. - (1) Buckling her kids into their carseats was taking up too much time. She has her girls race to see who can buckle in first. She no longer has to buckle them in, and they get on the road quickly! (2) She doesn't like handling meat, but her family loves meatloaf. She has her girls mix all the ingredients together as one of their chores.

Joy S. - She prepares the night before for the day ahead of her (ie. lays out clothing, makes lunches, ect.) This makes allowances for the unexpected chasing chickens on the loose! ;-)

Corrine C. - Her family loves visiting multiple pumpkin patches each fall. They end up with lots of pumpkins. Instead of keeping them all, she has the kids pass them out to people who might not go out and buy pumpkins (ie. elderly or young singles who live by themselves).

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