Thursday, February 6, 2014

It Works For Me - Emilee's Table - January

"IT WORKS FOR ME" - JANUARY (Emilee's Table)

Nancy - To avoid bickering, let kids pick breakfast and lunch from list of options, also let kids take turns picking out movies.

Becky - To save time and sanity, no longer sort and fold socks. Put in child's room and they can choose to wear mismatched socks, or match them up themselves.

Melody - Has kids help unload dishwasher.

Dana - Has a tea party with 2 year old in order to get her to drink water.

Emilee - No whining rule in house. When child starts to whine, lead child out into garage and tell them "We don't whine in this house" tell them they can come back in when they stop whining.

Thank you ladies for sharing your tips & tricks!

Hi ladies,
Sorry for the delay on this month's "It Works For Me" post. Somehow it slipped my mind after last meeting that I needed to write this post :)


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