Friday, February 28, 2014

"It Works For Me" - Dana's Table - February

"It Works For Me"

Lisa - Make a point to take child out for lunch once a month with just you to spend quality time together.

Dana - Uses Safeway delivery for her groceries. Order online (free delivery with promotions offered), save a trip to the store, stay on budget & not tempted to splurge on items you see in store. Deliver into your house onto the counter for you :)

Lisa Lee - Uses a jar opener to her advantage to help her with many different items in the kitchen. Even to impress her husband and open his beer for him.

Emily - Puts GoGurt in the freezer and then gives it to her toddler to keep busy while she is helping the older kids. 

Melanie - Made a chart for age appropriate chores for children to do around the house. When they finish a chore they get a ticket that goes into a jar and can earn little prizes (dollar store) for their help.

Rose - bought a $30 slide(it folds for storage too) which you can get at Walmart or Target and created a park inside her family room to entertain children during the winter months or when kids are sick and you can't get out of the house.


**If any of the above names are wrong please let me know as I try my best to get all of the correct info down quickly but need help with names at times :)

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