Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Choose Your Own Meeting Rocked My Face Off

This morning I donned my stretchy pants and headed to MOPS. Not because I was planning on pigging out on a fabulous breakfast (although I always look forward to my bi-monthly donut), but because today was yoga with Soma.

Yoga? At MOPS? What is happening? My husband also seemed confused when I told him why I was wearing something akin to what my daughter would wear to Pajama Day at school.

The leadership tried something new today, and I have to say, I'm a fan. They called it "Choose Your Own Meeting" -- and I hope this becomes a regularly scheduled thing.

The morning was broken into 2 parts (not including breakfast, of course); and everyone had 4 sessions from which to choose: crafts, makeup, yoga, and couponing. 

It was hard to choose, but I went with yoga and makeup.

First session: Yoga. 

Can I just say, I want Soma and her soothing voice to follow me around everywhere I go? She was amazing. In 20 minutes she helped me feel relaxed, strong, and ready for the challenges the day would surely hold. And that's saying a lot since I'm literally having a hard time making it through my days lately as a mommy. 35 weeks pregnant, trying to balance my kids school schedules, and still clean and cook for my family. It leaves me wanting. Exhausted. Defeated at times.

But yoga, and doing it with a great group of other tired moms who also wanted to sleep on the floor of the choir room during the "resting pose," was just what I needed.

Second session: Make-Up

I love Heather and Carla, and their makeup is always flawless, right? So why wouldn't I want to learn some tips and tricks from these ladies? 

I was not disappointed. If you made it to this session, I don't know what you took away from it, but I am in love with this trick of "contouring and highlighting." Seriously, did you just tell me that I can easily make my face look less haggard, dull and tired? By putting lighter and darker powders on certain areas of my face? It's genius, is what it is. 

This is the stuff dreams are made of. 

If you didn't go to the makeup session, get their hand-out, STAT. Or take these ladies' advice and join Pinterest and YouTube (if you haven't already). They recommend checking out "The Makeup Chair" on YouTube for easy to follow tutorials.

The Day After: An Epilogue

Yoga has made my booty hurt so good. And that makes my heavy pregnant frame happy because it means I did something good for me, and I feel smoking hot even though I also feel super tired and grumpy. It's a good thing.

I tried the makeup contouring tricks before my OBGYN appointment today. The lady at the Kaiser desk told me my top was so cute on me, but I knew she was really just seeing how amazing my makeup was, and how glamorous and awake I looked, and she mistakingly assumed it was my shirt doing all that work. If she only knew.

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