Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day Flourishing

It was only the first meeting and it blew me away. Your smiles, the friendly chatter, meeting new moms, finding things in common, pretty colors, pretty faces.

It was just the beginning of this Flourishing gig. And you all made it. You showed up. I hope it was worth it for you; the early morning rush, the real clothes you had to put on, the getting of children in the car with bags and bottles, the forgotten cup of coffee on your counter because your brain couldn't handle even one more "I have to remember" (or was that just me...?). 

Sigh. That was a good cup of coffee too. But, you know what? I remembered my kids! So that's a win. I'm claiming that, no matter what anyone else says.

Also, that video, though. Can anyone else relate?

Don't hold back. Let the tears flow, mama. You're a mom, full of life and full of love. Motherhood is also full of pain, and struggle, and realities that only a fellow mom can understand. 

Maybe the hardest part of the struggle of motherhood is that we don't often stop and process anything; we are full speed ahead, taking care of these tiny people. They need us, and we would die for them. Loving another human that much takes a lot, and so we tire, and need our moments of rest.

Process here, fellow mom, in this room, with these other girls who get it. We're going to rest together, celebrate together, cry together, and flourish fiercely together.  

And it's going to be great. 

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