Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Works for Me - Yesnia's Table

Yesenia J - To avoid using yucky restrooms at the park, bring a portable potty and a few diapers - size 6. Put the diapers inside the potty. After the child uses the potty, wrap up the diaper & throw it away!

Kelly D- Gives her daughter 2 outfits to choose from every morning. She gets to make the choice of what she wants to wear without a battle.

Dana M - Daughter doesn't like to wear socks. Dana buys solid colored socks and turns them inside out. The seams are on the outside where they can't "poke" her feet!

Amanda B & Amy D - Great minds think alike! Amanda & Amy buy the pouches of rotisserie chicken at Costco! It's great for putting together quick dinners  - such as enchiladas, soups, ect.

Carolyn S - Every parent needs a break! Carolyn and her siblings would take turns watching each others children on the weekends. Each couple would get a night or weekend to themselves!

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