Monday, April 28, 2014


Kirstin - Uses Prince Lionheart wipe warmer to keep warm washcloths on hand (uses the bamboo washcloths that come with it.

Samantha - On busy days when kids don't get outside to play use spray bottles to play water tag and then kids are nice & tired and will take naps.

Corinne - Has found 2 apps that pack in truths & Scripture if you only have a short break. "Jesus Calling" and "She Reads Truth." For "She Reads Truth" the app will be up & running soon, but the devotionals are available at or you can subscribe to the daily emails. Really powerful devotionals that get you knowing God's Word.

Erin - Oakdale MOPS - Trade with your friends for childcare, free & gives you time to get things done.

Tracy - Oakdale MOPS - Use a reward program for you children. Child needs 4 good days in 1 week to earn $ for a reward (lego set or doll?)


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