Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"It Works For Me" - Jodie's Table - April

Lili - Family naptime...make a game of it so the kids enjoy it...her older girls even love it when they are home from school.

Jodie - When you know you have a crazy week coming...make PB&J sandwiches ahead & freeze for lunches.

Deondra - Have your kids help you make veggies for snacks or dinner and they will love to eat them.

Kimberly - Recommends the book "Parenting With Scripture" - by Kara Durbin so that you can be more specific with your kids.

Michelle - Barbie doll mess - use over the door pocket organizer to put dolls in so the hair doesn't get so messed up...can put older girl's special dolls at the top so that younger sisters can't get to them.

Laura - Use frozen eggo waffles for teething. On a side note - she recommends a vegan organic diet as it has helped shrink her thyroid cancer.

Amy - Technique for teaching your children how to manage money...each child has 3 piggy banks (Jesus, savings, spending). 


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