Sunday, March 16, 2014



Heather - Use Ziploc bags to pack kids clothes in for trips. Mark each bag for which day they will wear that outfit. Much easier to grab and go when getting ready for the day.

Michele - Doesn't like doing laundry and to make it easier puts underwear for all 3 boys in the same drawer (they all wear very similar sizes). The pants go in another drawer and the boys hang up the shirts...don't be particular on how they are hung, as long as they aren't on the floor.

Coby - Uses vinegar in her laundry to keep her whites white.

Julie - To save time getting ready in the morning, she gives her daughter a bath in her bathtub and can finish getting ready while her daughter is taking her bath.

Ruth - Uses her iphone to take a screenshot of a recipe or other item that she wants to keep when she is on Facebook or another online site.

Amy - When traveling with kids bring supplies for kids to figure out and follow the route you are taking. Bring maps, highlighters, calculators, crayons and pens, etc... Kids aren't allowed to ask the question "How much longer till we get there?" They may only ask questions to help them figure out how long it will take to get there, like "How fast are you going?"

Rachelle - Uses a squirt bottle filled with white vinegar to squirt in child's mouth when they talk back.

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