Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hospitality. I love it. It’s my jam, as it is my mom’s, my grandmother’s and so on. I was raised in a very hospitable family. But, we tended to be more of the Martha’s than the Mary’s, always being busy little bees with some impertinent detail that just couldn’t wait. My dear grandmother will still miss half of a party because she’s too busy cleaning up the kitchen! I would work myself into a tizzy trying to make sure every area of my house was picked up and everything laid out just so….I had an impression to make ya know!

Then I had children. Three of the most spirited, adventurous whirlwind kids came into my life and hospitality took on a whole new look. I still love to have people over, and throwing a good party with detailed decorations is still so much fun, but I’ve also learned to let go and let em’ in!

Hospitality in this stage in my life has become “Come on in! Have some coffee, kick off your shoes and let the kids make a mess!” There will probably be dishes in my sink, and a whole weeks worth of laundry piled on my bed. My kids will most likely only be half dressed, but
welcome to our home! This is us doing life and we’d love to do it with you!

Now, I know I may sound carefree and crazy, not caring that your sock just got stuck to some sticky substance on my kitchen floor, but I’m only human. I still struggle with the need to perform, to seem like I have it all together. Pinterest oozes from my home. (I just spent the
last 30 minutes picking up my house before our Heating guy shows up. For the love.) But over the past few years hospitality has evolved into moments of being genuine, making the connection and making sure everyone feels at home. It no longer means an immaculate house, perfectly obedient children and a face with makeup...It means opening my home and my heart to whomever walks through my door with whatever condition myself or my home may be in. Truly listening, wanting to understand and being there for that person who has taken a seat on our well loved couch.

I have a dear friend who I treasure doing life with. We can both look/smell atrocious, our house a health hazard and our kids complete disasters, but if the other one needs some company, a word of encouragement or a safe place to regroup/gather themselves, our door is
always open. It has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.

The “image” and obsession over details that don’t truly matter has always been a
struggle for me, which is why I think it’s funny that God called me to help lead our MOPS Hospitality! As soon as I was asked, I immediately started thinking about all the decorations and fun little details we could do, but then God grabbed me lovingly by the heart and reminded me
that it’s not about the frills and the fancy and the matching tablecloths...it’s about you, the women who walk through our doors, each with a beautiful and unique story. I know I still have a lot to learn, and there will still be days I struggle with giving my heart to the things that really
matter, but it is my prayer that each and every woman that comes into our MOPS family feels welcomed, safe and loved. There may not be a pinterest worthy decoration or game, but I will always have open arms and a cup of coffee waiting for you!

- Mallory

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