Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful to Not be Alone!

Hi Y'all,

I'm Summur, the one who got up this morning during 'It Works For Me" and shared that nothing is working for me right now. So inspiring, right? I honestly didn't have it in me to share even a simple tip. It has been a really hard week and just making it to MOPs this morning seemed like an impossible feat.

But I am super glad I came.

Right when I got to my table, the sweet sister next to me noticed that I looked sad and asked me how I was doing. Of course I completely lost it. I shared with her how horrible of a time I am having right now and how just last night I took it out on my kids and husband. I told her that I am not being a very good mom or wife right now at all! She shared with me how she had a similar day yesterday, and just her seeing me and acknowledging that she is walking the same road, that I am not alone in this crazy storm called motherhood, was a gift from God for me today. 

Thank you Jesus that I am not alone!

Then it was time to hear the mentor moms. 

Honestly all of these ladies look so perfectly put together and so happy and content, I was seriously wondering how I could even relate to them. But of course, when we judge and compare, God is good to remind us that no one is perfect, that we are all just trying to get through each day the best that we can!

And of course, everyone was so REAL! Thank you Jesus that I am not alone!

Hearing these moms who have been through it, really gone all the way through parenthood and come out the other side and survived and even thrived having raised children who love the Lord, gave me a lot of hope.

Every woman up there had very different lives, different ways the Lord led them to teach and train their children, from simple advice like fewer activities for more family time and making your home the go-to hangout place, to the big dogs like puberty and the dreaded "Birds and the Bees" talk. They all seemed to communicate that there is no one way, no pat answer to how to parent. We all have different paths, different lives and different families. Do not compare your family because God made it unique. Lift up each of your children to Jesus and ask Him to show you how to raise them. Be united with your husband and point your kids to Him!

Thank you Jesus  for the encouragement of these women who did it and are here to tell us we can do it too!

It's Thanksgiving week and I am so thankful for MOPs, for Mentor Moms, and adult women to share life with. I am so thankful that I can go there, and say "You know what? Today is a hard day." What a blessing to be able to just be real, to ask for prayer and not pretend like everything is hunky dory all the time.

So thank you MOPs Sisters. Thank you for showing up and helping me through this rough patch! Thank you for laughing and understanding that I did not have a tip today, and loving me anyway!

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