Monday, May 4, 2015

"It Works for Me!" - Jill's Table

"It Works for Me!" - Jill's Table

Jill M: Make "Tooth Fairy Preparedness" a breeze! Jill bought 20 of the $1 gold coins from the bank and stores them in a safe. Every time her kiddos lose a tooth, she goes to the safe and puts one under their pillow! 

Amy F: She had terrible morning sickness when she was pregnant with her 2nd child, and her son liked to wake up early. Amy bought some time in the morning by preparing the night before! She packed a small ice chest with a sippy cup of milk, a bag of cheerios, and juice. She set it by her bed with some toys and the t.v. remote. The next morning, her son could eat his breakfast, play, and watch cartoons while she rested a little bit longer! 

Samantha W: For easy iced coffee, brew a cup the night before and stick it in the fridge. Pour it over ice the next morning! 

Melissa S: Her friend is her own personal "StitchFix!" She shops for her, her husband, and her daughter!

Kathryn F: Ava Anderson's non-toxic diaper cream works for anything and everything. It works for acne, eczema, ect. Sometimes, she even uses it on her baby!  

Teresa A: Downey Wrinkle Releaser works for her! Just spray your clothes, pull on the wrinkles, hang, and let dry! It's your new iron! 

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