Thursday, March 19, 2015

It Works for ME! -- From the Hot Pink (Soma) & Light Pink (Dana) Table

Connie C - When you have an evening out at a friend's house, bring your kiddos' toothbrushes! They can brush their teeth before you leave, and then you don't have to worry about it when they fall asleep on the car ride home! 

Courtney V - Star charts for attitude checks, chores, and counting practice! She loves the chart by Melissa and Doug! Tip: Michael's carries many Melissa & Doug products & always has a weekly couple of 40-50% off a regular priced item. You can get your chart at a discounted rate! 

Soma D - Always carries a zip-up blanket in the trunk of her car. This works great for park play dates, Concert-in-the-Park, ect. Use a Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon that always comes in the paper or mail to save $ on your purchase. 

Laura P - She keeps her kid's pajamas in a drawer in the bathroom, so they are ready to go after bath time!

Jessica D - She gives her kids cod liver oil (lemon flavored), vitamin D & C, & probiotics to stay healthy during the winter. She's a mom of 4, and she likes to steer clear of the doctor's office! 

Melissa B - Makes her bed every single day! This brings a sense of calm to her day, it inspires the kids to make their bed too, and if the rest of the house is a least the bed is made! 

Della B - When your kids go to school, carpool! In 5 years of carpool, her kids have never been late to school because each carpool mom is accountable to each other! Also, if you run into a car emergency, one of the other moms can help you out! 

Katie - She keeps a journal on hand in her family room to write the funny things her kids say! 

Diane - She uses a sweater shelf to lay out a weeks worth of clothing for her kids!

Zelda - She uses a portable potty called the "Potette Plus!" It comes with disposable baggies liners, and it's great for road trips. It cost around $13 at Babies R Us! 


Caryn L - She wants to instill a love of reading into her daughter, so she found that the best time to reads books to her is after nap time while she's still waking up!

Christine C - She loves a clean house! She's found that an irobot vacuum cleaner and a Hurricane Spin Mop works for her! 

Megan O - She suggests making your own Moby wrap by purchasing 5 yards of fabric & cutting it lengthwise down the middle! Moby wraps = great bonding time.

DeAndra T -  Changed her attitude from serving her family to serving the Lord. 

Dana D - While she makes dinner, her boys each get a special activity! The older brother gets to play with kinetic self-sticking sand (from Brookstone), while the younger brother plays with an empty/clean Parmesan cheese container & q-tips! This keeps them entertained for a bit while she makes dinner. The sand isn't messy, and the youngest enjoys putting the q-tips in the container over...and over again! 

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