Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It Works for Me - Char, Alex, and Amy's Tables!

Charlene H. - To avoid frustration at the breakfast time, turn on Pandora radio! Find some up beat kid music, like KIDZ BOP. It puts the family in a better mood before heading out for the day!

Stephanie E. - Keeps frozen peas on hand and gives them to the kids as an easy veggie option!

Lisa D. - Her daughter has a sticker chart for potty training. She enjoys sticking the stickers on the chart, and if she goes #2, she is rewarded with a marshmallow!

Heidi P. - Wakes up before kids to enjoy a little "me time" with a cup of tea or coffee!

Nicole - Uses flashcards with pictures with her kid's morning chores (ie- get dressed, brush teeth, ect.). Sometimes it helps the morning go a little smoother.

Rosa M. - 1.) To avoid eating out, she always has a homemade frozen meal stocked in the freezer. 2.) Gives her kids a pomegranate in the backyard for a snack/activity. It keeps them entertained for a bit.

Eileen P. - Read stories and nursery rhymes to her kids before nap or bedtime. This would help the kids calm down before they rest. They enjoyed picking out their favorite books to read and also learned to recite the nursery rhymes by heart.

Alex G. - To keep her 18 month old from climbing out of his crib, she cut up a onesie and attached it to the feel of her son's footed pj's. Now, he can't climb out of his crib!

Trisha - Her toddler is a picky eater, so she found a delicious gluten-free banana muffin recipe that she enjoys eating!

Sara P. - Uses coconut oil for diaper rash cream, cooking, smoothies, hair conditioner, shaving, eye make-up remover, and to whiten her teeth (with baking soda).

Lauren - She pre-makes breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, and cheese, and freezes them. In the morning, she pops one in the microwave for 1:45.

Kelly - Bonds with her baby by singing to her!

Amy M - The "refill" box! She keeps a box for each family member full of supplies they use regularly (ie. shampoo, toothpaste, diaper rash cream). When they run out of an item, they can check their box. This method cuts down on making those annoying trips to the store at the end of the day!

Melissa F - Her daughter was having a hard going to sleep at night, so she created a routine for bedtime. She gives her daughter a bath using lavender soap (great for calming), then she reads her a story. This routine has helped her relax and go to bed.

Anna P - A circle scarf is great way to have a nursing cover with you at all times -- and it's a good excuse to buy more scarves!

Summur B - She has 3 little girls who were all attached to their pacifiers. When each daughter turned 2, she'd have them go around the house with a bag and collect all the pacifiers. Then, they put them on their bedroom door at bedtime. She tell the girls that the "paci fairy" would come and take the pacifiers for babies that need them in exchange for a bag of goodies.

Robyn - Recipe for an awesome bathroom cleaner: 1 cup of heated white vinegar & 1 cup of blue Dawn dish soap. Pour it in a squirt bottle and spray your shower. You can leave it over night too if your shower is extra grimy. It works like a charm!

Kimberlee H - She had the motto, "If your kids could, they should!" Each child was able to do their own laundry by age 11.

Ciara F - Her husband gives her a day off every month. She is not allowed to come home until after the kids go to bed. (Pssst...Ciara - Can you have your husband pass the memo onto our hubbies too?! ;-) )

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