Monday, May 19, 2014

"It Works For Me" - Sara McAvoy's Table - May

Sara - Made a Thomas The Train potty chart for her daughter to encourage her in potty training. Every trip that is successful she gets to put a sticker on the train...when the train is filled up she gets a prize.

Amy - A great tip for cutting preemie/newborn fingernails. Use a jeweler's loupe to magnify the nails & it leaves your hands free.

Megan - Plans her family's meals 1 month at a time. Makes dinnertime less stressful because you already know what you are having for dinner.

Melissa - Looks for easy recipes to make dinnertime a success.

Crockpot Chicken
1lb frozen chicken
2 cans black beans
1c brown or white rice
16oz salsa

Put all ingredients in crockpot & cook on low for 8 hours, or high for 4 hours.

Stacy - Decided to make her son's baby food to save money. Bought squeeze pouches to store the food in.

Shelly - Uses Shopkick app - earn points for scanning products while you are in the store. Lets her kids scan the items - earn gift cards. Also uses her notepad on her phone for her shopping list because then you have the shopping list with you when you are out doing errands.

Joy - Made peanut butter play dough for her kids to play with (peanut butter, honey & dry milk). Let kids play with it and can eat it also...put out snack items to go with it.

Ruth - Use stickers to aid in potty training. Spell words to describe character traits for motivation. Found stickers at Dollar Tree.

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